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It Ain't Called SUPERCUP for Nuthin'

Last Saturday I went to UST to take care of some things and decided to drop by for a cup of tea. To shake things up a bit, instead of going to Simple Line, I went to their sister company's store, Supercup. I have been meaning to go there for months but I knew close to nothing about their offerings. 

Doesn't look so imposing here but how big is this really?

So I made my order-- Pearl Milk Tea-- and sat down waiting. I was looking at the menu wondering what size the servings came in when I read: "Comes in very affordable One-liter cups" Oops. 

This Big!
And since I had the very brilliant idea of doing this before grocery shopping, I had to lug the giant tumbler around all over the place for five hours! Good thing I had the presence of mind to ask for a plastic bag. That first picture up there was the level of my tea when I got home. If you know me and my average tea drinking speed, that really illustrates how much tea there was. And mind you, their tea is good. On the milky side, but good. Hindi nakaka suya. What else to like? The cups are sturdier than the usual (should be!) to encourage people to reuse them when they come back for another liter!

Speaking of Simple Line, I have some updates:
  • One time I accidentally dropped my cup of tea in front of the store (I don't do this on purpose. really.) and in front of the guy owner (the one who doesn't speak Filipino) too. Haha. So he ordered another one to be made, on the house. :) I really appreciate these things about business owners.
  • Now there is an actual melon milk tea flavored drink. It's somewhat sweet though so getting less sugar than usual is recommended.

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