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The Moon Leaf Chronicles


I went to three different Moon leaf tea shop branches this week. ( so now I have three different Moon leaf loyalty cards :3)

SUNDAY: Bible study meeting at Moon Leaf St Thomas Square. Had some encouraging and de-stressing post- pre-board exam (??) talk with my ECE girls, Julie and Louie. We got french macaroons along with our Yakult Jasmine tea (mine) , Nata Milk tea (louie's) and Milk green tea (Julie's). Already Yakult Jasmine's getting to be my new favourite.

WEDNESDAY: Visited Moon Leaf Maginhawa with my workmates after a day at work and our office cell group meeting. Kidded around with their gadgets and Simsimi with all our worries behind us-- well almost , some of us tried to do their homework during our stay.

THURSDAY: Decided to drop by Moon Leaf Dapitan as I went to meet my leader, Tita Cha. Got honey green tea ( with Pearls!) for the first time. As I prepare myself to punching in the straw--the cup broke! Got tea all over the floor and the edge of my shirt. The good thing? They gave me a new cup of tea without me asking! :)

The instance where they miss-spell your names and you just have to take a photo of it.

FRIDAY: It's my friend, Nessil's, birthday! I gave her my free tea birthday coupon. We decided to walk to Moon Leaf Morayta from our church in Lacson even though it was already past 9pm. Got my favourite Hakka milk tea and her free pudding milk tea, took some pictures and went off!

Whew! And I say this isn't my favourite tea shop? A statement that's hard to defend.

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