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13 reason's I love potatoes

I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture. Seriously.

I am a simple person; potatoes are my comfort food. They're basic, easy to find and can be cooked whichever way you like. (mostly they're also tastless on their own and full of carbs but that doesn't seem to make people love them less, right?) I used to live in a place where these are cheap, fresh and come in different sizes. One would think I would have sworn them off (like I did sayote) but no, just the opposite in fact. Here are my favorite potato treats, in random order:

1. Hash browns- whoever thought of frying semi-mashed potatoes is a genius.
2. FRIES! Mcdonald's is still my fastfood winner!
3. Mashed- as a kid we had this manual masher which I loved to drive into boiled potatoes. There's satisfaction in squishing them, really.
4. Cold potato salad- one of the simplest things to make (mixed boiled, diced potatoes with some stock in onions, mayo, a little butter plus salt and pepper to taste. chill then eat!).
5. Boiled marble potatoes- just add cheese! or you can eat it straight of the pan since these minis have a distinct flavoring right off themselves. Great with gravy too, like the Flying Gecko's.
6. Chicken stew (aka Adobo)- yes, the beloved Filipino dish that everybody loves.
7.Mixed with corned beef- I love corned beef, though it never seems complete without potatoes on.
8. Baked- I love Yellow Cab's Baked Potato Wedges with garlic ranch dip.
9. Potato Chips- munch, munch!
10. different versions of Potato soup.
11. Shepherd's Pie- a lady I know cooks a delightful version of this dish and I miss her already. :)
12. Grilled potatoes- skewered in a kebab or wrapped in aluminum foil. Dip in barbecue sauce.
13. In my omelet- when cooking omelet I put in whatever I can find in the kitchen-- onions, mushroom, cabbage, cheese, shrimp, tomatoes, olives, basil, bacon, ham. But what really makes an omelet an omelet for me is that it has potatoes in it.
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