"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."

Solid Food

Here are a few articles from the old Solid Food section when this was still mainly a food blog. I did not want to post these all up again so I decided to retain this as a separate section. And here is what I had to say about it:

       "But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish  
          good from evil." -Hebrews 5:14

          Physical food is a sweet subject, everyone can relate and everyone has something to say.   
          Naturally, because food is one of the essentials of life. But there are things that bring more 
          substance to life, that defines living rather than mere existence-- thoughts, principles, dreams, 

          This section tackles these subjects, in my point of view, of course.For that reason this might be 
          hard to digest at times even to the point of being hostile towards some beliefs. But I want to put 
          it out here, unplugged, for they will mostly (but not all) be my thoughts and beliefs and lessons   
          learned as a follower of Christ. My hope is that this section will be as "a voice that calls in the 
          wilderness" bringing fresh droplets of hope to thirsty ground.

An Audience of One


Learning to Love Mondays, Too

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