"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."

About this Blog


This is the personal blog of Melissa.

This blog was started in 2011. Originally, this was intended as a food blog featuring mostly my food finds in my home city, Baguio City, Philippines. On occasion there would be posts about morally and spiritually uplifting (I hope) topics and some thought provoking ones.

"to Our heart's Content" came out of Proverbs 13:25, as I've said, a promise to never go hungry. By putting in the word "Our", I am inviting you (yes, you!) along for the ride!

In May 2013, as I began to expand my interest (in writing about) different topics, I decided to expand this blog to accommodate topics from food to physics(maybe?) to faith and all the whatnots in between.

Initially I had debated on opening another blog for these but thinking over the blog title "to Our Heart's Content", it seemed to fit along the theme of a more general blog. Instead of just never going hungry, why not to always be filled, body, heart, mind and spirit? Well that is not the promise of this blog, but isn't that the pursuit of most of us? Through this blog I hope to give readers a hand at finding true contentment (ambitious, yes)...and enjoy the pursuit in the process. ;)

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