"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


And Lastly,

Back when I  still called this a food blog, I put up an "Eat List" wherein Ersao was included and never crossed out. Here's an update to that.

I happened to be in the vicinity of their new Quezon Ave. branch one Saturday for a dentist appointment so I grabbed this chance to tick-off the now non-exsistent list. 


Me at Panagbenga Weekend: You're Reading that Right!

 I have always wondered how it feels to be a tourist in my home City. I guess I would never know but this recent episode is probably as close as I can get.

I found a great opportunity to get home during the long weekend at the end of January. The weather was still unusually cool and it was before the crazy festivities of February. So I made my plans for a laid back weekend with lots of quiet contemplation, some running and quality time with some friends and maybe my mom. This was a no-brainer of a trip so I did not have to consult any outside help (i.e. Google, travel blogs). I was just coming home for the weekend, after all. Which was too bad, as it turned out (initially, that is). The unnatural amount of people at the bus stations should have warned me that something was up. As it was, I only learned as I was disappearing into my thick blankets at home on Friday morning: my mom said it was Panagbenga weekend! Yikes.

I was there! In the midst of it all.


A Radical Love and A Radical Faith

Just so we remember in the thick of the celebration. This, to me, is what Christmas really is about.

Blurry Christmas lights are nice, but a blurry idea of the season isn't.


Finding the Right Words

In the aftermath of a great tragedy, I have struggled to find words. I have been shocked to silence for sometime but just the same, I find it all wrong not to say anything at all. It feels hypocritical to go on posting on this blog with nary a recognition of what has befallen my countrymen. It feels like an insult to just let this die down and get on with life afterwards. I have been encouraged by what I read from Filipino bloggers like me; still the struggle remains and I realized I'm afraid that I might say the wrong things.


Today I Thank the Lord for || Grace Week

If you have read my previous post and have been following UAAP yourself (or even just the evening news), you will know that things have not gone as I had hoped. I am part of the community who has been reeling at the turn of events but I have some energy to write now, thanks to a handful of bloggers, online writers, the team and fellow fans. Special mention to this article and to Aljon Mariano's twitter pic. :)

And of all weeks this has got to be one of the busiest ones! Unlike some people, I do not like to function as I grieve (grieve talaga?); I want to stare and do nothing. Or hibernate. But, alas, I was not given that luxury. 

Rather than complain, though, I had much rather spread some grateful vibes since, if you haven't noticed, I breathe as I type this! Wooohoo! Let's get this started!!

Today I thank the Lord for...


Oh yes, I'm a fan

I am officially coming out in the open. I have been a long-time basketball fan, especially so collage basketball. I have debated with myself  about doing this post at this time at the expense of joining the bandwagon (oh no, that is not something we do, do we?) but I think this is such a fitting time since UST IS AT THE BRINK OF ANOTHER CINDERELLA FINISH!!!

Fierce Tigers Fans (Photo by Czeasar Dancel/NPPA Images)