"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


Today I Thank the Lord for || Grace Week

If you have read my previous post and have been following UAAP yourself (or even just the evening news), you will know that things have not gone as I had hoped. I am part of the community who has been reeling at the turn of events but I have some energy to write now, thanks to a handful of bloggers, online writers, the team and fellow fans. Special mention to this article and to Aljon Mariano's twitter pic. :)

And of all weeks this has got to be one of the busiest ones! Unlike some people, I do not like to function as I grieve (grieve talaga?); I want to stare and do nothing. Or hibernate. But, alas, I was not given that luxury. 

Rather than complain, though, I had much rather spread some grateful vibes since, if you haven't noticed, I breathe as I type this! Wooohoo! Let's get this started!!

Today I thank the Lord for...

Challenging me beyond my comfort zone. Lots of work. Organizing skills. Need composure. And some challenging people. haha. I laugh when I'm grateful. 

Nice people. To balance off challenging people with. I enjoyed working with and laughing with a handful this week. Special mentions are Cheri, Ms Jade and Mona. Really, thank God for you guys. (Although that doesn't mean none of you are in list #1. haha. I joke. :D)

Grace. Oh what a week it has been. Does it mean I have been nice and proper the whole time? Absolutely not. Does it mean God has extended His amazing-ness yet again? Of course! Grace is all over my task calendar, my Purchase requests (the quazillions of them), my audit reports, my prayer times, my Android phone (which reminds me, I am planning to post about that sometime soon), my disciple's CPA license waiting at the PRC office, my twitter account full of Growling Tiger reposts, and on this entry which I am once again posting at way past midnight. Greatness ends, the human one, but Grace is unending, indeed.

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