"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


And Lastly,

Back when I  still called this a food blog, I put up an "Eat List" wherein Ersao was included and never crossed out. Here's an update to that.

I happened to be in the vicinity of their new Quezon Ave. branch one Saturday for a dentist appointment so I grabbed this chance to tick-off the now non-exsistent list. 

 I did not expect their very nice food presentation, needless to say, I was impressed. My teeth were still recovering from being scrubbed clean and so I picked this light meal of vegetable dumplings. Yes, it had long shreds of what seemed like ginger inside, among others. Aaand I really liked it. Their tea had that right flavor but not really remarkable (at least for my taste buds, who have sampled a great many cups, I'd daresay). Oh but yes, I am going to get back there with a well-recovered set of chompers.

As for what's stocked in my refrigerator right now (for weeks!) and keeping me from stopping at my favorite teashops (gasp! for real!!), here they are:

 The Berry Company (UK brand) Special Tea (weird that I did not even get the pun until I was having a glassful at home) and 3 Cows Milk tea by Hacienda Macalauan. Available at a supermarket near you!! (disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All opinion are the blogger's own and are in no way related to the above mentioned companies.)

And lastly, I would like to announce to my loyal readers if they exist that this will be the final post I'm doing for this blog. (sniffs?) But that is because I am moving on to another one which has been on my mind for a long while now, and which I finally am deciding to do. Have an appetite for a challenge? Well head on with me over there!

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