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Simple Line Online!

I haven't been going to simple line much lately since I've had no classes for the past 6 or so months. But this morning when I dropped by their shop ( more on that later)I saw an announcement of their "new" website. It's simple and to the point, just like their cups of tea. What got me really excited was seeing that the newly opened Banawe branch offers sitting space! It's their first store outside Manila City, too. Congratulations to Simple Line for their continuing success!

And yes, I did drop by their store earlier to get my favorite Melon Green Tea. I think the guy who made my tea was new and looking at him preparing I just knew something was wrong-- or scratch that, different-- about my order. It turned out he put milk on my Melon fruit tea. Why not Melon milk tea, right? So I resisted the urge to complain and quickly got my order lest the cashier sees the mistake. Once out, I had a sip. Melon milk tea it is, like the way my grandma's melon milk ice candy was when we were kids! A warning, though : this is not for everyone (the same way their milk green tea is not for everyone)! My only worry when I noticed the mistake was that the drink would taste bitter... well, it was very close to being so, but it wasn't. :)


  1. Is their tea good? :)

    There's one near Morayta, but haven't tried them yet. But will do, one of these days! :)

  2. There tea is the best!Its real tea! haha. go try it!!!


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