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Happy Lemon and Bonifacio High Street

Yes. The title for this post is quite straightforward. Now to business. My friends and I had this planned for some time already and it only happened recently. It really had to be milk tea at Boni High and nothing else. So where else to go but Happy Lemon. There were supposed to be more people for this afternoon out but I'm still so glad for the company that came. So anyway, one of our friends, Cheeny, has been telling us about how good Happy Lemon tea is. I had tried a few drinks myself and it just wasn't..erm, my cup of tea. I let them see for themselves though. Nessil and Annie both got rock, salt and cheese cocoa, Jack and I got some form of milk tea or other and Colen got the Yakult green tea (at my coaxing, of course).

Clockwise from left: (by Nessil) I loved the trellises laden with dainty flowers all over BHS. (by Melissa) Yakult Green tea by Happy Lemon. (by Melissa) I had wanted a jump shot in front of the Nike wall but I forgot about it soon after. (by Nessil) Rock, salt, and cheese cocoa twins.
The verdict? For chocolate drinks such as these, Chuckie or Milo would do just fine. But the Milk teas were at par with other similar stores and the Yakult green tea was delicious, too (for my taste). I also realised that I've been getting Happy Lemon teas on the go before this time and it's so much more fun enjoying it with friends. This still isn't my favorite tea place but at least I now know their strong points. :)


  1. I noticed that store just near my office place. Although I still haven't tried it there. This post made me realize that I've been missing a lot of good stuff lately. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for dropping a comment. Hope you get to drop by there sometime. Plus, if you like milk tea, I have lots of suggestions here.


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