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Today I Thank the Lord for || An Exercise in Gratefulness

A few years back, I challenged myself to this daily exercise: completing the statement "Today I thank the Lord for...." It lasted a few weeks or so until my weenie notebook of thankfulness ran out but the blessedness I felt when I got a chance to review it is unmatched.

Recently, I came across a blog that has one article similar to that exercise. So I thought, why not infuse it here as well? Although this is not going to be a daily thing, I would like to do this from time to time. It is always spiritually refreshing (to me, at least) to read about how God is blessing this little life of mine.

Today I Thank the Lord for...

I see His hand and His favor at work in my life. This is rather vague because I wouldn't want to say anything just yet, but today I feel blessed at how God has been using people to be a blessing to me, to act in my favor. It's overwhelming, just thinking about it. And humbling just the same.

Coming across a fellow disciple's blog, and rather by accident too. So I typed some not-really-random words on google yesterday and was surprised to find this blog by a fellow believer (hello there, Lance!). Who turns out to have been friends with someone I know! Reading through it makes me wish I had chronicled my Christian ( and young adult) journey just as vividly. 

Aaand. I am also following another blog by a missionary couple (hello there, Carrie and Gavin!) who are parents to a set of quintuplets (+1)! Really, I was surprised to find them in my search for cute kids to stalk. haha. (I really love kids!) Their journey is far from smooth but their solid faith is so evident. 

Some unexpected kwentuhan time with a good friend. Very long overdue, but what an opportune time, kahit siningit lang talaga. 

It has not been the best of days, but I can't help but be grateful for what God is doing. And, oh, what a difference it does.  

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