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New Faves || Schlurp!

For someone who sees herself as an introvert, I am quite the adventurer. Going places, trying interesting food, skincare, home remedies and whatnot. It wouldn't be surprising that with all these philandering about, I come across stuff I would go back to over and over again for the next quizillion years. Because I am loyal like that. 

Here is the place I put up my favorite finds for the world to see. For this first edition, what more fitting thing for it to be...tea!


Just when I thought I was in-the-know about all things tea, this leaps at me from my neighborhood convenience store shelf. I found these bottled, brewed teas months ago and grabbed one, not just because it was tea, but because they did look pretty cool, too! I think that this must be the hippest-packaged tea drink going around. Read the smartly-phrased labels below and you just know how much passion and awesomeness the makers put into your drink.

Darjeeling Ceylon and Indian Tea gets those creative cells going, so it says in the label.

My favorite Assam Black tea is for energy!

I only realized that the variants had names when I went to Schlurp's facebook page. Please give me this moment to gush, okay? SUPER CUTE!! 

Ahem. So, where were we?

I did not immediately like this at first and for some reason I initially could not tell the Assam tea from the Earl grey one. And the jellies, oh those weenie jellies! I did not like them before since they were not your standard milk tea jelly or pearls. they're like a minified cross between the two. It wasn't bad, just nothing too special, I thought. BUT THEN. I kept coming back to grab these bottles every time I needed a break from my usual tea fixes. And began appreciating them. The teas are actually flavorful, very lightly sweetened, so that the tea taste prevails. The jellies, too, I started to imagine chewing them when I was craving. haha. 

AND THEN. My neighborhood convenience store branch (which was the only place I saw Schlurp sold back then) stopped selling them! O.O For months I have been looking far and wide for these until just last week when I saw an office mate finish-up two bottles in the span of a few hours. I just had to interrupt her and go ask! And so I have found a place to source out these things again-- right at the back of our office compound. Oh, joy! 

Message on a bottle cap. :)

 So, are you wanting one already? (oh, no, i am not being paid a wee bit for this :))) Better check out their page as there are quite a variety of shops that carry them. As of this writing, they have five available variants out of which I've sampled three. Assam (aka Supercharge Your Mojo) remains to be my favorite of all. These tea drinks, naturally brewed and bottled without preservatives, go for around Php60.00; not cheap but comparable to most other milk tea brands. 

Enjoy! And do tell me how you like it.

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