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The City that is One Ride Away from Everywhere Else | What I love about living in Manila

Two years ago I could go on and on about what I missed about Baguio which, obviously, are the things I couldn't have in this city. At the head of that list are strawberry-scented cold morning air, wearing hoodies and starry, starry nights. Ah, but that is not what this post is about.

Amidst flooded streets and videoke-loving neighborhoods, I did find something I particularly like about this city. At least in the locale where I live. It is literally one commute ride away from a good many list of destinations. 

It is one ride away from my work for one. When I was studying, it was one ride away from school (or a 10-min walk). It's one ride away from Rizal park. One ride from Fairview. One ride from all the MRT stations in Quezon city. (save one, I think) . In fact, it's one ride from all of the metro lines. 

It takes one ride to go to DOST, the department under which my office belongs. One ride to Ortigas. One ride to Alabang. One ride to Los Banos. One ride to Quezon City Hall, Manila City Hall, Pasay City Hall, etc.

Am I driving you crazy yet?

One ride to Baguio City (that's among my favorites).

One ride to Aparri.

One ride to Bicol.

Oh, and one ride to Mindoro.  

It's not that Manila is such a horrible place to live in that all I can come up with is this half-demented list of random places. Haha. But really, I can't help but be amazed at how central this place is. And I am going to enjoy living here just yet if only to keep discovering more of these "one rides." 

So, your turn! What do you love about the city/place you live in?

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