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Some Stationery Lovin' | Mini Reviews

During my teens, I went by this one conviction: Never leave home without pen and paper. Ever. I always had to have my hands busy on writing something up...or re-reading and re-working my plans for the day. My love for stationery was a given, of course. Somehow as I grew older I traded that principle for others (but i would still seldom be seen without a handy-dandy notebook).

Only in recent months have I rekindled my love for (hoarding) notebooks, and oh, is it back with a vengeance! Once again I am wary about going into bookstores as I am sure to stay for hours just looking at paper products and what-not.

Last month, as you may have read, I had the perfect excuse of staying in the notebook alley. And so I did pick up a couple of things for my so-called collection.

Daycraft Lined Notebook(in Pink, A5) and sketchbook (in Grey, A6).

The pink one was the notebook I gave as a gift to a young miss. So I had already picked it out after a loooong deliberation when I noticed it said "Signature Sketchbook" on the package. I have nothing for lined/ruled notebooks presently even if they look absolutely adorable since I have discovered blank (line-less) ones, a childhood dream come true. So it was that my heart was literally beating faster when I learned there was an unlined version of these! I immediately replaced the pink sketchbook I got with a lined version and went to work on the row of pocket sized unlined notebooks.

So here's what I'm loving about these Daycraft notebooks: 1) Soft Pu cover which feels like leather with a faint texture. 2) Colored edges which complemented the covers in a funky way. The grey ones have blue edges while the pink ones have black (in the picture this does not show since the plastic wrapping reflects the color of my table) 3) Good quality, smooth and thick cream-colored paper. They also have ribbon markers but are missing the standard paper pouch or garter closure.

Black mini notebooks in packs of three.

 Again, these are blank notebooks otherwise they wouldn't have got my attention. The funny thing was that these notebook sets were displayed side by side with the very similar looking, yet impossible expensive, Moleskines (yes, there is some good arguments going for these but I'm not yet sold)! And a pack of these was just Php139.00! Steal! And I even liked them better since the covers have a softer feel to them, when you touch it but they're still quite sturdy and bendy at the same time. Just amazing. The paper is cream, which I prefer over whiter ones, but thinner and rougher than the Daycraft one. And they come in many colors, too. 

I don't usually get notebooks in this size but I really loved these that I wouldn't mind going a size lower than my usual for the day-to-day note-taking.

Lace-pattern Sticky Tapes.
I don't know, would these be considered washi tapes? They're somewhat in a different material but the concept is the same. These are really nifty for gift-wrapping. Tape that does not need to be hidden. Oh yes! In fact, this was what I used to tape the box I got for the 18 treasures gift.

Speaking of gifts, here is another idea I had for yet another gift last June:

I had the thought of putting together a  beauty box or a stationery box. I threw in a bunch of things I thought might cheer up the recipient-- a nice notebook, a pouch, perfume; added some lovely D-I-Y flowers (Lia Griffith teaches how) and put them all in a box. Voila! 

I loved doing this sort of review, hoped you liked it, too! Did  you get some great ideas?


  1. where did you get these? they look so pretty! :)

    1. they're easy enough to find, National Bookstore, Fully Booked and expressions --all in SM North Edsa!who would've thought?


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