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Gift Ideas for the Debutante

I recently attended a Debut party for one dear girl. I was one  of the 18 treasures so I was digging my brains and Google for gift ideas. What made this a challenge for me was that a) I've been away from this person for quite a few years and didn't know what she might like now and b) being as I am in my 20's, there might be a--gasp!-- generational gap (yes, and this is is the part where I am going to feel so old).

I was hunting for brilliant ideas and found that there is a shortage of articles for exactly the thing I'm looking for. So I'm putting up a short list for those of you who --like me-- are more and more becoming dependent on web-search than their own fabulous imaginations..or perhaps, and I am hoping for this more, that this post may provide a spark to igniting your own genius.

Of course there are many options out there and its easy to pick out some cute item off a rack. But for giving a gift that counts at this momentous stage of a girl's life, here are my top picks:

credits: a) Instax camera from www.thephotoblogger.com b) leather bound journals by monsieur notebook (monsieurnotebook.com) c) vintage sewing kit from vanillaseven.com d) blogger's own (photo and books).

a&b. Keeping precious memories. A hip Instax camera or a good old classy journal will do the job.

There are lots of milestones to be crossed at eighteen (and beyond) and your gal pal will thank you for giving her something to preserve all those wonderful stories with.

c. Tools for a trade. A non-stick pan. A sewing kit. A martial arts class scholarship. A make-up stash.

Eighteen is a good time to decide to grow up and take charge of one's life (if she has not already done so). By that I mean taking on responsibility for herself. A new skill (or an old one enhanced)will give any young miss the confidence that she can look out for herself.

d. A good read.

Wisdom comes with age and experience but reading (the right books) provides a positive speed boost. Fiction is fine but one in a relevant topic (dating? waiting? praying?) will help a young woman in her way through the world.

The way people chose and give gifts impart a part of them to the recipient, intended or not. So why not be intentional? Impart something of substance to an important person. The gift may not be lavish (but it also may be, right? :)), but lavish your love to people through it, as cheesy as that reads. Haha. 

As for me, I ended up giving a couple of items with the theme 'reflection'. To wrap it all up (am I the pun lady or what??) I threw in a couple of verses to go with the theme, too. :D

The verses are 2Corinthians 3:18 and Proverbs 27:19.

Speaking of wrapping it up, I did find really sensible advice while on the hunt: Whatever gift you choose, package it nicely. The feeling of unwrapping gifts is part of the excitement of receiving them. Which prompts me to say that I did find a fun way to wrap mine, but let's save that for another post.

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