"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


Well, how about blogging on a Bus?

Day 4.5: Myself at Serenitea.

This is technically not qualified as an official challenge post but I just wanted an excuse to post this. Don't get we wrong, I have tons of stuff for posting but I just got to do this now. hehe.

This post here is not really about Serenitea but since I was at Robinson's Place, Ermita anyway, I dropped by for a cup of Okinawa Milk Tea (caution: may cause palpitations or excited behavior. No, seriously :)).

The real reason for this 4.5 post, however, is this dainty little thing I found at Beauty Bar: Urban Rituelle's Peach Blossoms Lip balm. And my excuse for putting it up here is that its soooo yummmmmy!!! I am not imagining this, my sister actually licked it out of her lips when she tried. :P They've got a whole line of these quirky tin pots with flavors like cotton candy and ginger apple but I chose peach blossoms because it reminded me of my first ever beauty splurge (also a lip balm at Beauty Bar coz I'm crazy for lip balm like that) which was mango flavored but smelled very much the same way. (BTW, funny how a the definition of "splurge" to me has changed from then till now. This is not good. Haha.)
I just adore lip balm that come in pots, no matter how impractical they are the way they get your fingers all sticky. This one is super sticky, like you dug into a jar of peach jelly! Haha. And the balm is hard, too, unlike others that come in a pot. But anyway, it's too adorable and that's the important thing right? (I know, wrong. haha)

Anyway, I was supposed to give this to a friend who turned out was all "grown up" that she opted for my bright pink lipstick instead. What can I say, I'm happy to keep this little jewel. 

And just like that, I feel like wanting to be a beauty blogger. Nah.

Oh and yeah, I was blogging on the bus! Now back to business.

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