"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


Light Lunches and Divine Appointments

Day #4: Alvie at Reyes Barbecue, Up-Ayalaland Technohub.
Yes friends, she is most photogenic when eating, you may want to consider booking her for your food ads. :P

Another item ticked off my long-overdue bonding/meeting list! 

I met Alvie on my very first day at PNRI (naks naman, I'm reminiscing. hehe) and it was clear from the get go that she wanted to burst out praising God! If I had not believed enough that a divine Hand brought us to our workplace, then meeting her and Ron that day sealed the deal. Along with one other friend (who was supposed to be with us on this meeting!), we had an instant office support group who we knew we could trust with our lives.

We guys would use to hangout a lot more often (once a week bible study, nearly once a week night out, prayer time, etc. ) but since we are normal twenty-somethings with crazy convoluted schedules, we had been seeing less of people around save for a busy December where we all worked together as a team for a national project. 

Lately, we had started to misplace bible study time, too. Hence the need for this meeting of sorts. And then some (wink, wink). Really, I am learning so much out of vicarious experiences (her words) from her. haha.

After we had gone back from our "light" lunch, I realized how much I enjoy-- and miss-- hanging out with awesome, God-loving girlfriends (yes, if you people are reading this I mean YOU!) such as this person. 

This item maybe ticked off my list for now but let's do this again, Madam!

Notes on the FoodChicken barbecue with unique peanut sauce is a pleasant surprise. Fried rice and Bangus is run of the mill but not bad for the price. The meals our super filling too, no matter how hard we insist on having had a light lunch.


  1. girl friends lang?! paano naman yung hanging out with boy friends?! :D can't wait to hang out with you again peeps :) thanks for the mention, i feel famous now ahahaha... see u all soon!!! ^_^

    1. ...oops, I almost reported this comment as spam!hehe, joke. Be contented with the special mention na! When are you going back here, anyway? :)

  2. I pray that one day you could join our cell or I could join your BS... :) one way or another, im hoping I could have fellowship with you guys just having fun conversations about God :) (and of course there must be FOOD) God bless you Melissa!;)


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