"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


Making Mcdonald's Memorable

Day #3. Cell Group meeting at Mcdonald's Recto-Loyola

Meet Maren and Ycel. Yes I just met them, too. But if you had heard us swapping stories and kidding around at Mcdonald's last night, you wouldn't have guessed that. Its always amazing when I meet people like that, like they trust you as if they had known you for years. And you couldn't stop talking as if you were long lost friends.
Little sleep and yet, beauties all the same.

Both Maren and Ycel are Accountancy Board reviewees. To those of you who have gone through such a thing as a board exam (I haven't), you know what they must feel about the use of their time. But I am so proud of them for seeing the importance of putting God first in everything. Already I'm learning much from these girls.

Dear Girls, I thank you for your trust and for "sacrificing" part of your free time study time so we can talk about life and lessons and God. I praise God for bringing us together at such a time as this.

Yeah, ok, next time I will try to include food in the pictures. And somewhere more interesting than Mcdonald's, I hope. :)

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