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Hello again, TLCC

Day #2. Ivy Joy at TLCC!

Another long overdue night out with someone I am utterly grateful for. Six months ago we asked a reluctant Ivy Joy to join the prayer team in our church. Thirty prayer meetings, a G-12 conference and lots of powerpoint presentations later, I can't help but be amazed at how God has been transforming this quirky, fun-loving woman.
What a fun person, she actually took the lower left photo herself while talking to someone. Haha.

For months we have been telling each other that we should schedule a night or afternoon out. Finally she asked this week for help with a, ehem, speaking engagement, and I had thought we could go someplace quiet-- which we did, right there at TLCC (The Life City Campus, our church's student center)! 

I did not mind at all since I actually missed this place where I used to spend all day during my pre-PNRI stay in Manila. Streetfood + TLCC lounge, so reminiscent of my masters student/bum days. Haha. Thank you, Ivy Joy, for indulging me.

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