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Behold The 30-day Food Blog Challenge

Yes. I am finally signing up for this. I have been thinking about how to do a blog challenge consistent with the theme of this so called food blog and I finally decided on this one. Here is how it came about:

Day #1. Norma at Mcdonald's UST (aka my favorite Mcdonald's branch in Metro Manila)
Mr backpack guy had a good sense to get out of there..but left his bag!! :D

I invited Norma, my officemate and friend, to our Super Friends Sunday at church telling her we had a very special guest (no less than people's champion and disciple of Christ, Manny Pacquiao :)). The previous day she had gone to a decision making seminar of sorts with our other friend and her church youth group. I was so blessed by her coming and sharing some lessons she has learned because I knew those are what she needed right now (Hurrah for answered prayers!). I feel that this is her breakthrough season and I praise God immensely for it! 

And so i had wanted to do a post about her saying how blessed I was, indeed. That's when the idea for a blog collection of portraits came. But then this is a food blog, right? So I had to improvise there a bit.

Hence, this. 30-Day Dates Blog Challenge, now playing.

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