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it took some time coming but...

The photograph says it all..

...but in the tradition of my wanting to say too many things because I've been ignoring this blog again, I'll state it anyway. Finally, finally milk tea craze have found its way to Baguio City! Not that I would call it a craze up there but Moon Leaf Tea opened a store in John Hay Technohub last December and while I was there for the holidays i noticed tea places beyond the usual Zentea Bubbatealicious (which are not really,uh, my cups of tea).

There is one in SM Baguio called Ochado which tasted a lot like Serenitea. They are both Japanese brewed teas and even the packaging is similar. This one is a bit on the expensive side though at Php75 for the small cup (known as medium).

The next one was pointed out to me by my friend, Mona, while we were having lunch at pizza Volante. It turns out that this can be ordered through the Volante counter. The name, Guiltea Pleasures, doesn't sit well with me though. I did not get to taste it but I bought one for a friend. Judging by his liking for Gong Cha and by how fast he consumed his cup, this could be one for the charts.

And lastly (I'm giving my friend, Joana, some love by writing this :)), even during pre-milk tea era, one can get a very good version of Thai Milk tea, hot or cold, in Ocha, along session road.

*I've been scouring the web for other tea spots (hehe, pun) I way have missed and I did find a bunch of interesting ones. The itenerary is booked for my return! Yay!

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