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Baguio Arrival Routine

Day #5: Myself at Volante, Baguio City

I consider myself to be extremely loyal. It shows even in seemingly mababaw things. I am often adventurous when it comes to going unknown places, especially when it comes to food (walang kokontra)but I love routine most of all. I love coming back again and again to old favorites and ordering the same stuff forevermore. Case-in-point? Simple Line Royal Oolong Milk tea with pearls, medium and less sweet. haha.

 And here is another case though this is significantly harder to get by: Breakfast meal at Pizza Volante, Vigan longganisa and Sunny side up at 5:00 in the morning. After a walk around Luneta hill. (and if my mom were reading this she'd probably scold me for many reasons :D)
Top: Session road at dawn is sooo...empty! L-R: My travel-worn look :), Breakfast, real hot cocoa.

So I went over there again when I arrived this weekend. I'll be posting about the wonderful event that is the reason we went flocking back to Baguio last Sunday. In the mean time, here's my usual arrival breakfast menu. It was my first time to get hot chocolate and I was surprised it was real cocoa hot chocolate. This meal looks measly but somehow I always end up feeling filled afterwards. And that is saying something given that I would have to go on a short walk (carrying my travel bags!) to get to Volante.
 Since Volante is really a place for pizza and my last one from there was five years ago(!), I decided to get a take out of another favorite: Pizza Marguerite. With Guiltea Pleasures Jasmine Milk Tea (called All that Jazz) because I have got to taste this one!
So this was how the take-out looked like when I opened it at home. Yeah, this is such a letdown. Or maybe it's just me not knowing what pizza Marguerite is?

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