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This is How We Party!

Day #6: Students in Touch at Kuya Billy's 50th Birthday Party

Kuya Billy, our youth Pastor/Minister back in Baguio turned 50 this week! And what better way to celebrate a life that has been a blessing to many than with an intimate dinner...of 80 people!

Well, have peak at the party!

I love how everyone put in extra effort and time for this event. The Junior and Senior Core's performances (oh all right, also the servant core's, professionals' missionaries') were just awesome. and super creative! Kinarir nila to! And all that while keeping it secret from the birthday boy!
Even with that much people in a way it's still intimate because we are all one family. There were even crying moments during the night. hehe. 
I especially want to make special mention of my talented friend, Bendita (not her real name, hehe), who was the main chef. Here is her masterpeice:
 The food have elaborate names, which I forgot, of course, since I'm such an expert food-blogger.lol. The second picture is the main course of fish fillet with tofu and Lechon--the correct combo for the pig-out guilty, I think. The third picture was the appetizer, salad with "croutons" and a delightful mango sauce. There was a dessert of mango crepes but then they looked so yummy I forgot to take their picture. Tsk, tsk. The servers, well, they're not her masterpeice, but God's. hehe. They're part of the core members, too, ready to serve you!

and here is a picture of me with the Golden Boy! I praise God for calling such a man into His service to call many, many others as well! 

BTW, if you've noticed I didn't get too many after party photos is because my camera died on me in the middle of Hannah's, kuya's youngest daughter, speech! Oh well, had a blessed fun night anyhow.

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