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The Moonleaf Chronicles Continue

...or is that supposed to be "continues"?? Oh, anyhow

Day #8: Melinda at Moonleaf Tea Shop

Who is Melinda says you? Why, she's my dearie sister!

Ten years ago (or is that 10 months ago?) we didn't get along as well as this day. But, hey, we're both all grown up and walking towards one *ultimate* purpose and that's one thing I'm absolutely greatful to God about.

A  tidbit of info which she probably doesn't know: She's my favorite shopping buddy. I can drag her just about anywhere (if she's in the mood) and I wouldn't feel judged for my tastes or lack thereof. She's got more energy than me, anyways (she loves window shopping, I don't really). And, in case she remarks something I do not like, I could easily overrule her. Haha. 

Onto this little trip of ours, this was actually a sun-date. And oh, hoho, this was some ten days ago! I have read on twitter that Moonleaf Tea has got a new product. No I don't go berserk every time some tea place releases a new product (that goes for simple line though) but I was really interested in this Earl Grey Milk Tea of theirs. So I had to try it. And I had to ask my sister to come along.

I actually have nothing to say about the drink, wonderful food blogger that I am. It was a normal milk tea drink, I suppose and my sister did like it, too. That probably should be a good sign for most people. As for me, who prefer stronger tea flavors, it was fine, but not remarkable. 

But I missed the experience of going into a Moonleaf store  and I was shamelessly taking photos as if it were my first time to walk into the St. Thomas branch. But you've got to agree, that promo poster on an easel was lovely, nay?

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