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The Best Cook in the Family

Day 7: My Dad and My Sister at home!

I'm falling a bit behind on this challenge but I'm going to finish this one until I reach the thirtieth (how ever long that may take :)). Anyway, I still have a bevy of posts up ahead before I run out. and now, onto business.

Well, who would have guessed, the best cook in the family is...tada...

Hello, meet my dad!

In my opinion, at least, he is. Maybe it's because he did not used to cook often when we were children and I discovered that when he did, he prepared elaborate stuff complete with plating and garnish. He was the one who cooked my very first coleslaw which in my mind became one of my favorite things until I tasted a version that he didn't prepare. haha.

Nowadays we get to eat a lot more of his, er, creations, since he lives with us again in Manila. Here is a nice (and yummy) version of fried fish cooked one not-so-lazy saturday evening.
Fried fish served with tomato salad(kamatis at alamang), watermelon and oyster sauce.

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  1. What a nice treat to have such a good cook in the family! Great photos :)




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