"for He satisfies the hungry and fills the thirsty with good things."


Melissa-cholism # 1

The term Melancholy does not sit well with me. Why ever will it when it means a sadness (or literally darkness) of the spirit? I prefer to refer (oh, yes) to my ponderin' ways as Melissa-cholisms, (honeybee-ness of the spirit? hehe) melancholia with a smile! 

A quick sample:

my still somewhat shaky shot at calligraphy
In the middle of doing some other important thing that needed concentration, I just had to stray on this thought: how profound this old nursery song is. And giving some good advise, too. Row your boat merrily... life is but a dream.

When we learn these songs as children, the lessons are different. This for example, is about a boat in a stream, which is a tiny river. The action of rowing. Or keeping still in a boat 'cause it might tip over. And then we grow and forget about it. But looking back on the old tune, I was like, oh, that is what it actually means! Haha, the profundity of the nursery rhyme. 

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