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Home-cooking | Quick and Healthy does Exist

Here's a couple of meals for aspiring Chefs but always on-the-go types of people (aren't we all?;)).

Chik n' Beans. My dad concoted this one. Throw on some French beans and onions over roast chicken leftovers and ... poof! A healthy, refreshing, instant meal for this fast-paced city.

Easy Peasy Pasta. This is a no-brainer, really. We've all heard it before, pasta is one of the easiest things to prepare. As a kid all I did was put cheese on these swirlies and that was a treat! This version is slightly more elaborate: fresh basil, chopped green olives and chunky tomato sauce (or real tomatoes) makes it feel oh-so-Italian. It was so yummy (and fragrant!) we didn't notice we forgot to pile-on some Parmesan! 

Got some fast, simple recipes up your own fabulous tabletops? Share them, too!

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