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back at 50's

What charm does 50's diner hold to the people of  Baguio that even during a stormy, blustery, frigid day people are willing to wait <outside!> for their turn at a plate of Mamma's Kid??

A summery bowl of fruits. Made us forget it was stormy outside.
I remember this place as an obscure but interesting restaurant along Abanao street, with the vintage-looking automobile above the entrance. Though I have never eaten there, I was nevertheless sad when I saw they were packing up. 

It turned out they did not close up but moved to a new place in Leonard Wood road and gained a rather unexpected following--UP-Baguio students! All of a sudden 50's diner defines the Baguio city dining experience. People raved about the wall posters, the music, the broken jukebox, the milkshakes, the fries, the counter, the servers, the manager. And the price-- which many people said is cheap but with which I couldn't get to agree. Nevertheless, I came to eat there a few times and loved it too. Indeed it was one of the things I missed when I left the city.

Recently I got to dine there again with a bunch of returning friends. We went to the newer branch along Military Cut-off road since the other store was < you guessed it> overflowing despite the downpour. And in our excitement almost all of us ordered Guys on the Hood! Someone also tried out their <expensive> fruit plate which did look mouth-watering in its presentation, we almost did not want to touch it. Another person had a banana split which was the best as ever. All in all, we enjoyed coming back to an old favorite.

Can the girls finish up their Guys on the Hood? (pizza, chicken, pork chop,
buttered veggies, toast, fries and spaghetti)

...without a doubt.

People are talking about: Mamma's kid, banana split, milkshakes
Best deal: Guys on the Hood
I wanna try: She, that-huge-burger-which-I-don't-know-the-name
Best with: a bunch of old friends to swap stories with.#

photos from: Jerwin Abellana

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